Caddie In Viet Nam


Along with the development of golf in Viet Nam, golf caddie force is also raising the number.

Do you know there is a tip for a busy golfer?. That is hire a caddie. They will help you a lot of things from taking the golf ball, support the tactics or choosing a right golf club for you. Therefore, with a caddie, you can save a lot of time.


Golf caddie is a hard job requesting endurance and resistance. Caddies have to work outside throughout the year, that’s why ages of caddies are from 18 to 30. They become the main labor in family, and 95 percents of them are female. Until now, many golf courses have had the second caddie generation (mother retires and daughter continue her job).

Some new golf courses being in operation in the pass few years have detail caddie training courses, they even hire professional trainer. But most of golf courses in Viet Nam still train their caddie by themselves mainly. To become a caddie in Viet Nam, you just need to attend a short term training course and to have a good physical condition. The hardest part is not about recruiting, it is job’s characteristics. There are many people had to give up just after a short time being on course since they could not overcome huge stress from caddie job.

Speaking about working time, if we compare caddie with farmer, caddie is much harder. Caddie needs to go to work at 4am or 5am in the morning and comes back home at 8pm or 9pm in the evening. They have to work in every conditions if there are golfers on course even though it’s sunny or rainy, it’s working days or Tet or national holidays. Caddie’s feet are not allowed to be tired. Especially, some days golfers prefer to walk rather than using golf cart, caddie has to carry a 20 kilogram golf club bag across the course nearly 10 kilometers. Caddies have to advise golfers how to choose golf club, give them advice on space, wind direction and terrain. They also have to provide drinking water, towel and cigarettes constantly. To golf beginners, caddies have to explaining the rules, adjust standing position, remind swing and relief stress for them. Sometimes, caddies are yelled in case golfers have not learned to yell at themselves when they have a bad swing or when they choose a wrong strategy.

Although caddie is a hard working job, nobody can deny caddie’s salary in the pass twenty years was quite high comparing to other traditional jobs such as farming or handicrafts and so on in the countryside. On the other hand, golf caddie job brings experience and opportunity to see, hear and learn from golfers who are successful in life. However, income of caddie is unstable and quite risky. Caddie does not live on standard salary, they live on tip from golfers. And of course, tip will depend on golfers’ mood. Caddie is always in a flutter waiting for luck and sometimes, they have bad luck when golfers are unsatisfied or they just ‘forget’ necessary tip rate.

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