Reasons Why You Need To Buy Garmin Approach S20

Garmin Approach S20

Golf rangefinder and GPS golf watches are always hot-pick items on ecommerce website like Amazon or EBay. To explain this, we can look at the details that there are more and more people comes to golf and play it as their hobbies but there is a problem. At the first time when they begin their golf life, they will lack a lot of things: skills, golf knowledge or golf rules. That is the reason why they need a special device like golf rangefinder or GPS golf watch to ensure that golf is not a difficult sport for them. The new question is which one is worth to buy. Don’t worry, today, I will show you one of the best GPS golf watch. The name of this gadget is Garmin Approach S20. Let’s see reasons why you need to buy it

Garmin Approach S20


If you are a fashion fan, this GPS golf watch is designed for you. It has a stylish design which can impress toughest designer. Don’t think that you only can bring it on the golf course. In fact, you can wear it at luxurious places without worrying about its design.

Readable Sunlight Display

But we won’t buy a GPS golf watch due to its design. We buy it because of its functions. This GPS golf watch can offer you one of the most attractive display. 1.3 inch is a suitable size for GPS golf watch and the most important thing is that Garmin Approach S20 offers readable-sunlight display. Do you know what does it mean? It mean that no matter the sunlight affect your view, you can easily see what is displayed on the Garmin Approach S20. Every metrics will be showed completely no matter the effect from the sunbeam.  This is really an innovation when you compare it with other GPS golf watches or golf rangefinder.

Course View

What is the most difficult thing when you play golf? That is you should spend a lot of time getting used to golf course. It really takes time. Garmin know that and they have a solution for you – Course view database. Data of Course will be preloaded into Garmin Approach S20. There are more than 40,000 course data in this device and it will show you all information about the course such as hazard spots or location of final flags.

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