The Benefits Of Golf


If you want to find out which sport is the best for your health, golf will be the king. Nothing can be better than playing golf. Walking and hitting ball will not only improve your health but it also prevents from potential problems such as injury or heart attack. But it is not all health benefits of golf. If you want to find out how golf can improve your health status and other benefits, this article will let you know completely


Weight Loss

What is the safest way to lose your weight? Gym, soccer or tennis – No, it will have some side effects which can affect your health status. Therefore, you need to find out a sport which doesn’t bring potential health issue for you and also burn enough calories. Walking is the perfect answer for your question.  In trusted reports from American professor, 12000 steps per day are the greatest number for anyone who wants to reduce weight. And do you know one golf course will force you to walk more than that? To be exact, if you want to get your weight loss seriously, you should register an 18-holes golf course every week. Just one day a week used for playing golf will be perfect for your weight loss process.  With females, they can register 9 – holes golf courses because 7000 step per day with women is enough for them.  If you don’t believe me, let’s visit weeklychoices and you can see the latest research related to golf and weight loss.

Better Sleep And Reduce Stresses

I will give you an advice if you need to find an effective method to remove stresses in your life. That is participating in a golf club and play golf regularly. No sport can be good as golf at this field. Some doctor’s research displayed that Stresses can be deleted completely with golf. Why? Because when you play this sport, you can get closer to nature and to your golf partner. Golf competition is not similar to other sports. If you rarely find a friendly match in other sports, you can have a lot of them in golf. Other sports competition will throw you to stressful match and you will forget that you play this match to reduce stress and sleep well. Everything will go wrong if you let your self compete seriously to your friend in some sports. With golf, you can talk with your opponent when you are moving to the new spot and with this friendly way, the stresses in your life will be no more after the match.

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