How To Use Ball Markers On The Green

ball marker

The technical term “marking the ball” can imply to writing, drawing something on the ball to identify it on purpose or it can refer to the act of marking the ball’s position while you lift the ball up on a putting green. Specifically, the main use of the term is the latter, obviously. There are some methods to mark your ball whilst you’re on green. This article will let you know

ball marker

Using ball markers

Unlike the other areas on the golf course, the putting green is the only place that the golf players can lift their balls up for any purposes. However, before doing so, they have to mark the ball’s position first. The ball can be lifted up for some reasons such as

  • When golf players need to clean the balls
  • When they want to rearrange the ball’s graphics to match the putting line
  • When the balls block the way or distract the other golfers on a course
  • When they are required to do so

Marking the ball is commonly used in a golf match. Therefore, you had better know the correct procedure.

Step 1

While on putting green, before lifting the ball, make sure to put a small coin (or anything similar to ball marker) right behind the position of your ball

Step 2

Now you can pick your golf ball up; however, surely keep in mind that the ball marker must be placed on the ground first, and then you are able to pick the ball.

Step 3

When you are about to place the ball back to its previous position, place it on the area right in front of your marker

Step 4

Remove the marker to keep going on the game. Like Step 2, make sure you do it in order: Place the ball first, and then lift the marker.

Important related rules of ball marking

Confusion in marker placing

If you’ve asked it’s compulsory or not to place the marker behind the ball, the answer is absolutely not. You can put the marker wherever you feel good enough to correctly place the ball back later. You can place the marker in front of the ball or just beside it, as long as you put the ball back in its proper position. However, you’re highly recommended to place the ball behind because this is the traditional way that almost all golf players do it; thus you will avoid unnecessary confusion by following the same convention

Considerations and Reminders

Marking the ball whilst on green is cited in Rule 16 and Rule 20 according to USGA. That you incorrectly mark a ball before lifting it results in a 1-stroke penalty. Besides, if the ball is placed in the wrong position, it’s a 2-stroke penalty. However, the rule is not really strict; the simplest way to avoid penalties is to always take a closer look before lifting and to put the ball back to its correct location

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